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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ex-Charlotte cop sentenced in brutality case

Grant Boxleitner
The News-Press, FL

A U.S. district judge today sentenced a former Charlotte County narcotics deputy to 27 months in federal prison, more than two years after he was convicted of pistol-whipping a teenager and lying about it.

Agents were trying to arrest Grant for selling marijuana when he tried to flee a Port Charlotte apartment complex in his van. Henderson forced Grant to pull over and, pistol-whipped him as he was being arrested, according to former narcotics agent Keith Bennett. Henderson, who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs about 230 pounds, denied it during the trial, saying he threw his pistol in his car before forcing Grant to the ground.

Another former agent, Jack Collins, said Henderson got upset when he learned the incident had been reported and remarked, "Jesus Christ, you can't even pistol-whip anybody anymore."


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