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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sweet Springs mayor declares war on drugs

Mark Lile
The Marshall Democrat-News, MO

Against the backdrop of a D.A.R.E. flag, a deputy from the Saline County Sheriff's Department and Sweet Springs Chief of Police Dick Downing, Mayor Roxanne Hinton declared war late Friday afternoon, April 28 -- against the scourge of drugs.

Hinton led off by stating "I, as mayor, am declaring war on illegal drugs … ."

She stated her "Operation Drug Free" was to begin Monday, May 1. As a goal, Hinton stated she is challenging the Sweet Springs Police Department, "special appointed police" on the local level and county sheriff's department to come up with 12 drug warrants and arrests over the months of May and June.

Doing so, the mayor said, will send a message that Sweet Springs is serious about "becoming a drug-free community."

Hinton said she has already been given names of 12 alleged drug users in the town. And, to the possible question about why the goal of 12 arrests, she responded with a simple, "Why not?"


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