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Monday, May 15, 2006

Troops can't kick Chicago gang ties

Crime Reporter
Chicago Sun-Times, United States


Of course there are gangs in the military. It's a perfect fit.

This reminds me of my one and only experience with a gang which happened when I was stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso and one of these "social clubs" held a party in the clubhouse of the apartment complex my wife and I were living in. I don't know which social club it was but they were all black and their color was red. There was red and black everywhere you looked.

Me and Loretta was hangin out with a couple from West Virginia whom we had struck up a friendship with based on our mutual Appalachian heritage. My buddy Rodger's wife walked up to the office to check her mail and came back in tears saying someone had insulted her as they were leaving the party. I don't remember what they said but it was something nasty.

So Rodger said "Well, let's go straighten this out".

While I did not relish the idea of walking up into the middle of 30-40 gang members all showing their colors at an official function, I understood that Rodger was from further back in the hills than I was and so he was naturally stronger in the basic American principles of honor, dignity and standing on a point. So I couldn't wuss out.

So there we went, two skinny hillbillies walking up the sidewalk going to get some justice from this gang.

We asked for the guy in charge. He came out and talked to us. He was calm and courteous and seemed concerned with this apparent breach of discipline in his troops. He asked for a description of the vehicle the suspects had left in, said he knew who it was, apologised for their behavior and ensured us that they would be properly disciplined for their infraction.


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