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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A woman's voice for freedom in the birthplace of Rosa Parks and Helen Keller.

A woman's voice for freedom in the birthplace of Rosa Parks and Helen Keller.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

OpEd News

As Americans deal with the issue of honest elections, feeling for good reason, that an honest election may well be an impossibility today, the citizens of Alabama are confronting the most interesting and provocative choice that has faced them for a good long time.

It is happening in the race for governor of the Camellia State.

The Civil Rights Movement started in Alabama, where Rosa Parks made her stand. So conflict over the issues of individual rights hold place in the minds of its people. A generation ago the issue was the vote for Black Americans. Today the issue is still elections and the individual rights that either die from the steady encroachment of government or are sustained and renewed through the action of courageous individuals.

As with Rosa Parks, Loretta Nall got a wake up call on the nature of government and took action. Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, Loretta Nall defied the powers and then had the audacity to refuse to back down. After writing a letter on the issue of drug legalization Nall's house was raided. Nall, refusing to be intimidated, came outside to photograph the black helicopter hovering overhead. Standing trial before a judge she was convicted of simple possession of a tiny amount of pot and paraphernalia; she has appealed, the only way she could have a trial by jury. She and her supporters expect that she will be exonerated.

But that did not end her physical confrontations with despotism in Alabama. While visiting her brother at the State Correctional Facility both she and her mother were forced to have their underclothing checked by the Commissar the Panties Believe it or not, Alabama has determined that not wearing panties under your pants is cause to deny visiting privileges to the mothers and sisters of those they incarcerate.

Loretta came away determined that bureaucrats would learn that they are hired hands, working for the people. After that, the twin issues of the panties she does not wear and the plenitude with which God endowed her, became campaign issues and fundraising opportunities to this plucky activist. As America's original revolutionaries learned, you use what you have to do the job.

Loretta Nall is not your typical gubernatorial candidate in any way. Along with being well endowed she is articulate, focused, dedicated, and honest. George W. Bush is not what the Founders had in mind when they created the office of President of the United States. Loretta Nall,is the mother of two; her husband stays home and she works to support them. Her formal education ended with a GED; she married when she was 16. She is a long time activist for individual rights. She is as different from the power elite now infesting government, especially Washington D. C., as is possible and nothing about her is as different from the D. C. Elite as her values.


My most gracious thanks to Melinda Pillsbury-Foster for this wonderful OpEd. LN


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