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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Main Jail restricting use of stun grenades

By Dorothy Korber
Sacramento Bee, USA

New rules that strictly curtail use of stun grenades at the Sacramento County Main Jail are the latest reverberation of its "flash-bang" incident, initially defended by the Sheriff's Department even though it left two inmates burned.

The jail's revised policy also requires video documentation of incidents involving the use of force or resulting in injuries. And it instructs deputies to always consider nonviolent tactics such as negotiating with inmates, or simply waiting until a situation simmers down.

The Dec. 1 flash-bang episode was an eye-opener for the Sheriff's Department, Lt. Scott Jones said Friday. Following an inmate protest, deputies tossed the grenades into six cells as inmates lay prone on the floor. One exploded between a prisoner's legs, another between the inmate's arm and chest.

Flash-bangs -- louder than a jet at takeoff and brighter than 6 million candles -- typically are used as distractions in riot or hostage situations.


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