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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Two Memphis Police Officers Arrested

Eyewitness News Memphis, TN

Two Memphis police officers are under arrest for stealing money from drug dealers. The arrests were announced Monday morning as a part of "Operation Tarnished Blue".

Terrance Harris and Ted Williams were arrested on Sunday.

Harris is 32-years-old and works in the Southeast precinct. He is charged with attempting to possess with the intent to distribute at least six kilograms of cocaine. In the affidavit, investigators found Harris was spending way more than he was earning with MPD. He owned at least one, maybe two, Dixie Queen fast food restaurants, a house in Southaven, MS, a Hummer, a Corvette and deposited at least $132,000 in cash in a bank account over a two month period in 2004. Those large deposits continued until this year.

The affidavit also says an informant asked if Harris would help him deal cocaine. Harris agreed. During a meeting in February, Harris paid the informant $5,000 to help the informant buy three kilograms of cocaine. A video was made of Harris transferring cocaine to a bag to sell it. Harris then met with a man at a truck stop near Jackson to sell it. That man was actually an undercover DEA agent. He has been with the force since 1997.

Ted Williams is 43*years-old and works in the Traffic Enforcement Unit. According to the affidavit, Williams had several discussions with an informant about robbing drug dealers. The conversations were recorded. In November of 2005, Williams, who was in uniform and using a police department vehicle, stopped a car being driven by the informant. The car had $10,000 in government funds inside that were put there by undercover agents. Williams got the money (it was recorded on video) and later on handed over half the money to his informant. This meeting, according to the affidavit, was also videotaped.

Williams and the informant also talked about a plan to break into a hotel room to steal money from a drug dealer. The affidavit goes on to say Williams dressed in police raid gear broke into the hotel room and took a case that had $9,000 in government funds in it. The FBI says this too was videotaped. Agents say the informant and Williams also made a deal for him to safely escort drug dealers on I-40 until they were able to make it through Memphis. Williams was given $500 for each escort. Ted Williams had been with MPD for 12 years.

Harris faces at least ten years in prison. He could get life in prison, a $4 million fine, plus five years supervised release.

Williams faces 15 years in prison with $500,000 in fines.

19 officers have been arrested so far in the ongoing Operation Tarnished Blue.

This is a bump and update on this story from May due to the interesting new comment. A Chrome (not silver) Corvette with Blue Ostrich interior and 4 TV's in it?


  • I know Terrance Harris (TLuv). I knew him before he ever joined the police dept, back since the hood days. I told his dumb ass that he was gonna end up in jail or dead years before this happened because he talks too much. The more money he got, the more arrogant he got, and the hood started losing love and respect for him. His big bragging mouth and his mistreatment of other people is what got him caught. You can't ball hard like that and have your workers hungry. You cant plant drugs on folks and take 'em to jail when they know your a dealer too. Dude had a Chrome (not silver) Corvette with Blue Ostrich interior and 4 TV's in it. How the fk you gonna drive that to work and you a police?? Then turn around the next day and drive the BMW or the Hummer? Always braggin bout what all he got to anybody that would listen. I saw him gettin snitched on from a mile away. I actually was thinking he was gonna get killed first, cause he even stopped wearing his bp vest. Speaking of snitchin, TLuv is ON TAPE blowin 3 bricks into 6, baggin it up, and actually touchin the dope himself. Furthermore, he's on tape selling the 6 bricks to an undercover agent and had over $800k in the bank over a 15 month period. Now he out on $20,000 bond. All he had to put up was a % of that...You do the math. How many folks u know that got lesser charges, but more bond?? Too many guys I know have had to change phones/habits/and locations because T been snitchin tryin to save himself. He gonna end up in witness protection somewhere, cause he definetly cant stay around here anymore. I wish him luck, cause he never did anything to me, but like I said, his dumb ass should have known better.

    By Blogger Memphis-10-A-Key, at 2:09 PM  

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