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Friday, July 29, 2005

BCMP Decries Loss of Canadian Sovereignty

Today the offices of the BC Marijuana Party, a registered political party in British Columbia, were caught up in a DEA-instigated raid. The raid is a dramatic example of the loss of Canadian sovereignty to the US drug war. The focus of the US drug war is marijuana, with over 750,000 annual possession charges laid and draconian penalties for possession, cultivation and sales of the plant. Until today, Canada took a different approach.

Unfortunately, the Canadian governement appears to have abdicated its sovereignty to the United States. Most Canadian (and, indeed, most Americans) do not agree with with the war on marijuana users. It is a dark day when Canadian municipal police officers are called upon to do the bidding of US masters.

This raid must serve as a call to arms. Canada is losing the ability to independently create its drug policy, despite reams of scientific and empirical evidence that prohibition is more dangerous than a regulated approach to cannabis distribution. The battle for freedom, equality and tolerance must be fought and won. We must not allow our Canadian way of life to be subjected to the whim of the US White House and its repressive policies.

The BCMP will continue to fight for the freedom of the cannabis community, both in Canada and abroad.


Kirk Tousaw, Campaign Manager
604.836.1420 (cell)


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