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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Bad Company Posted by Hello

Alarm bells should go off for any drug policy reformer when Rep. Mark Souder appears to be on our side. Rep. Souder recently intorduced the
Safe and Effective Drug Act (H.R. 5429)

This bill was introduced on December 6, 2004. It is cosponsored by Representatives Henry Bonilla, Jack Kingston, Pete Sessions and Christopher Smith. Its official title is: a bill to require the National Institute on Drug Abuse to develop a meta-analysis of the available scientific data regarding the safety and health risks of smoking marijuana and the clinically-proven effectiveness of smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes, and to require the Food and Drug Administration to promptly disseminate the meta-analysis.

On the surface it seems like a great thing for ALL the scientific data related to marijuana to be examined and placed before the FDA. We know they would have to conclude what DEA Law Judge Francis Young did in 1988 "That Marijuana is one of he safest theraputically active substances known."

But, Rep. Souder has asked the National Institute on Drug Abuse to examine the evidence and we all know that for the last 17 months the NIDA has refused to provide researchers with 10 grams of the governments marijuana supply in order to study the effectivenesss of vaporization.

They have had years to study ALL the scientific evidence related to marijuana and they chose not to.
This time around won't be any different.


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