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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Thanks Drug Czar!!!

Survey: More teens passing up marijuana for Gasoline, Oxycontin

December 22, 2004
WASHINGTON -- The use of marijuana and other illicit drugs declined slightly among teenagers in 2004, but dangerous inhalants and the highly addictive prescription painkiller Oxycontin are becoming more popular, a new national drug survey says.

The percentage of 12th-graders who reported using any illicit drug during the past year fell to 38.8 percent in 2004, compared with 39.3 percent the previous year, according to the study done by the University of Michigan for the National Institute on Drug Abuse. That continued a decline in teen drug use that began in the 1990s.

But the study also points out ominous trends in teens’ drug use. The use of inhalants such as paint thinner, glue and gasoline increased sharply among eighth-graders in 2003 and continued to rise this year, a sign that inhaling, or "huffing," is rebounding in popularity after many years of decline.

Oxycontin, which emerged in drug-abuse reports in 2001, is gaining ground among high school seniors, the report says.

See what prohibition brings us? See what student drug testing brings us? Now instead of ingesting a harmless herb to get high kids are huffing paint in order to get high, so they can still pass a piss test and stay in the band.

If you love your kids then you need to get involved in ending prohibition TODAY!!!


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