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Monday, February 07, 2005

Drug-war agency ICE short 5,000 bulletproof vests

By Bill Conroy, Narco news

Regardless of whether you are a staunch supporter of prohibition or believe that prohibition is the source of the problem, the truth of the war on drugs, as it is currently waged under the directives of Washington bureaucrats and politicians, is as follows:

1. A major front of the war is waged on U.S. soil and involves primarily U.S. casualties.
2. This war is fought with real bullets, and the people doing the dying are the folks in the trenches – including law enforcers, dealers, users and innocent citizens.
3. Those inside the Beltway who are spouting the rhetoric and propaganda to inflame the war, in almost all cases, are far removed from the realties of the streets of this country where that war is being played out.
4. The real oligarchs of the drug trade, essentially rich businessmen and bankers, are rarely targeted in the war on drugs, precisely because they are politically connected, which means the source of the corruption that fuels prohibition is not a primary target of the so-called “war.”

I sometimes suspect the drug war actually has very little to do with drugs. If the drug war did not exist the politicians would find it necessary to create something else to take it's place. It's more about money, power, control and eugenics (culling the herd).


  • Ms. Nall, you might want to go to a bookstore and see if they have the second edition of "Report from Iron Mountain". It will address many of the suspicions you raise here. Hint: the concept is quite old, but the War on Some Drugs is the most useful means deployed to achieve those aims of how to control a population grown too large to find constructive work it to do. (Although the author now claims it was all a hoax, the fact remains that the mechanics of control outlined in this book have indeed been utilized in the post-Cold War well as the reasons for that control.)

    By Blogger kaptinemo, at 1:34 PM  

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