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Monday, February 07, 2005

Report: School Steroid Use Silent, Rampant

By Associated Press

DALLAS -- Texas high school students yearning for athletic fame or a chiseled physique are easily obtaining and using steroids as many coaches look the other way and parents seem unaware, a Dallas Morning News investigation has found.

The same students popping pills and sticking themselves with needles of muscle-building drugs were also found to be abusing other drugs -- such as Viagra, the fertility drug Clomid and sedatives -- to compensate for steroid side effects.

"In my 58 years, other than pedophilia, I've never witnessed a behavior as secretive as this," said Charles Yesalis of Penn State University, a pioneering researcher and writer on youth steroid use. "People will tell you they smoked pot, they did coke, they did speed, they did crank, they smacked their wife, they smacked their girlfriend long before they tell you they used anabolic steroids. The higher you go up the athletic food chain, the more pronounced this becomes."


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