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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Eric Rudolph and Pot

There have been a few stories recently in the Alabama media about Eric Rudolph and his alleged affinity for pot.

This latest one comes from The Birmingham News

It is followed by a Letter to the Editor that I just penned. I suggest you do the same.

Rudolph liked pot a lot, Army pal says
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
News staff writer

A former Army roommate of Eric Robert Rudolph says the accused bomber was an avid user of marijuana.

Roy Decker, 35, a resident of Mansfield, N.J., said in a telephone interview Tuesday night that he and Rudolph, both privates, roomed together at Fort Campbell, Ky., when they served in the 101st Airborne Division.

"We bonded pretty quickly because we didn't know anybody," Decker recalled. "He did smoke a lot of pot. Evidently he made a living of it."

Once Rudolph declined an offer to join Decker and another Army buddy for a night of drinking, Decker said. When Decker returned to the room they shared on the base, he found Rudolph with a pillowcase full of marijuana.

Despite the drug use, Decker said, Rudolph was a smart guy who kept to himself except for occasionally screaming at television news reports. "He didn't like any minorities," Decker said. Rudolph, now 38, also was resentful of a girlfriend who he felt "screwed him over," Decker said.

Decker said Rudolph often kept him and another roommate awake with constant snoring. "You had to fall asleep before he did if you were going to get to sleep at all."

According to news reports, Rudolph served with the 101st Airborne in Kentucky but was discharged after a year and a half for smoking marijuana in 1989.

Decker, who now does heating and air conditioning work, said the two remained in contact after Rudolph's discharge mostly by letter because Rudolph didn't have a phone.

Because Rudolph did not have a phone, the two kept in touch via letter and occasionally by telephone.

But, after Decker rebuffed an invitation by Rudolph to come to North Carolina and help him grow marijuana, the two had a falling out.

In April 2004, Decker said FBI agents flew him to Atlanta. While meeting with the agents, Decker said he noticed a map of the mountainous area where investigators believed Rudolph had been hiding.

Decker said the map was full of push pins that investigators said denoted areas where they thought Rudolph was growing marijuana.

"He didn't survive out there because of his Army training," Decker said. "He survived because he's got a lot of friends out there."

Investigators have told reporters that Rudolph might have grown marijuana while on the run.

Decker said he was subpoenaed by the prosecution after Rudolph's capture and was to appear in court last August. The trial was delayed and was expected to be held in June. But Rudolph agreed last week to change his plea to guilty in bombings in Birmingham and Atlanta. He is expected to enter that plea in Birmingham and Atlanta federal courtrooms today.

Decker said he had expected to be subpoenaed again, possibly as attorneys argued over Rudolph's handwriting. Decker had several handwritten letters from his former Army friend. News staff writer Val Walton contributed to this report.

Dear Editor,

I just read the story on Eric Rudolph and his alleged affinity for
marijuana and I must ask you....what in the hell does that have to do
with this man blowing up innocent people?

No pot plants were ever found in the area where Rudolph lived, hid and
was captured. There were thousands of cops of different types all over
that place for about 2 years. They rented expensive homes, flew their
helicopters into back yards, peeped in windows and roamed the hillsides
on patrol for Rudolph. They broke their legs, got snake bitten, where
thrown out of the local Wal-Mart stores, and grocery stores when they
tried to wear guns in.
All those cops, all that time, all that money, all those walks in the
And they never found a marijuana plant!

And even if they had found marijuana it would only prove that
prohibition allows people like Rudolph to finance five years of evading
authorities by growing it.

Please stop creating hysteria by sensationalizing the rumor that Eric
Rudolph smoked pot. Chances are he also drank milk at some point in his
life so maybe milk is to blame.

Or perhaps Mr. Rudolph is just an insane man and neither milk nor pot
contributed to his violent actions.

Can we please stay focused on the issue which is the fact that this man
committed violent acts that were sympathetic to the neo-con agenda on
domestic social issues. He has not been called a domestic terrorist,
which is what he is, and he has been allowed to escape the death penalty
suppossedly in exchange for his guilty plea and his providing
information about explosives he hid in the mountains of North Carolina.

I think the fact that the Bush Administration has not labeled this man
a domestic terrorist and sought the death penalty is because he is one
of their own.

Smoke on that for a minute.

Respectfully Submitted,
Loretta Nall
Alabama Marijuana Party


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