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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Guantanamo Bay: Tourist destination

Behind the high fence, a line of cacti, and across some scrubland watchtowers built by the Americans.

The Stars and Stripes hang defiantly from each side that faces Cuba. From the Cuban side, you can hear and see the live fire exercises of the Cuban army.

The gunfire and explosions are clearly audible in the US base. It is a reminder to the Americans if they needed one whose island this is.

Of course most of this is not visible to the naked eye. So the Cubans have provided a telescope for tourists to get a closer view. It is made in Alabama, USA.

Through the lens the base shimmers in the heat. If it gets too hot, you can adjourn to the bar, where the staff outnumbers the visitors.

They will serve drinks and a meal as you watch the valley below.

Republican Strains
Emerge Over Iraq

Wall Street Journal

Although senators and especially Democrats seemed skeptical that the Pentagon's policy was enough to prevent abuses, some Republicans defended the system at Guantanamo Bay. Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama said he had visited the site, which he said "would make a magnificent resort."

"This country is not systematically abusing prisoners," Mr. Sessions said.

The hearing adjourned without any specific action being taken, and Mr. Specter acknowledged wading into Guantanamo "may be...too hot to handle for Congress."

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U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions

Senate HELP Committee Passes Sessions’ Prescription Drug Monitoring Bill May 27, 2005

WASHINGTON-- The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee today passed and sent to the floor legislation sponsored by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) designed to help states prevent prescription drug abuse.

Entitled the National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Act, Sessions’ bill would create a federal grant program to help establish or improve state-run prescription drug monitoring programs. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is chief co-sponsor of the legislation.

“The abuse and diversion of prescription drugs is a tremendous public health issue for our nation, and the problem is growing,” Sessions said. “An epidemic that first attracted public notice as a regional crisis has spread to every kind of community. Prescription drugs now rank second only to marijuana in the incidence of abuse. I believe my bill provides states with resources and guidance to help their established programs to minimize the abuse and diversion of prescription medications while ensuring patients’ access to timely, effective treatment.”

Sessions said that while press coverage has frequently focused on the abuse and diversion of OxyContin and other narcotic pain relievers, the problem extends to several classes of commonly prescribed drugs, including tranquilizers and stimulants. It’s estimated that more than 6 million Americans are current abusers of prescription drugs that fall within these three classes.

Democracy Now! Headlines for June 16, 2005
Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions argued that some of the prisoners "need to be executed,"


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