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Thursday, September 22, 2005

FBI: Lennon too stoned to be a threat

John Lennon was dismissed as a Communist threat to the US only because he was always stoned, secret FBI papers revealed yesterday. The ex-Beatles singer was thought to be a ringleader of revolutionaries plotting to hijack a Republican conference, the documents show.


Well....I wish the hell they'd dismiss me as whatever kind of threat they have me labled as!


  • Factchecking the Lennon story

    Not exactly a recently released file, the report from "Agent Julie" Maynard was in the very first batch of FBI files litigated after passage of the Freedom of Information Act, by Madison's undeground newspaper, Takeover, and released in 1978. (I was among the named plaintiffs, and included in other reports filed by Maynard.

    The conclusion that Lennon was "not dangerous" was Julie's, not the Bureau's, as John and Yoko continued to be targeted.

    By Blogger Ben Masel, at 8:54 PM  

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