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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Week in Review

Prohibition Politics in Alabama

Hello fans and supporters out there in cyber-land. Thanks for stopping by today.

It has been an extremely lively and fun filled week on the campaign trail here in Alabama. I announced formally on September 29 that I am running for Governor and, oddly enough, two of the most conservative media outlets in Alabama were the first ones to carry the news release.

On Tuesday I appeared in court in Tallapoosa County to continue the appeals phase in my misdemeanor marijuana possession case. The case was delayed again until the next session of the grand jury which will likely be sometime in early 2006.

The local newspaper, which did not run my release, did show up at the courthouse for an interview. I am very happy to report that they did a bang up job getting the facts straight and I got top billing on the front page. The article and my photo appeared right next to a photo of my DC Congressman Mike Rogers, whom I have lobbied many times and have been lied to by many times. I'm sure ol' Mike about had a coronary when he saw who he was sharing the front page with.
I can just hear him saying
"Dammit Tripp I thought I told you to get rid of that gal!! What do I pay you for again?"

NBC 13 News out of Birmingham included me in an online poll on their website which asked the question;

"If the election were held today who would you vote for?"

And guess what?
It appears people would vote for me.
I have beaten Governor Bob Riley, Roy "I have a direct line to Gawd Almighty" Moore (who was photographed autographing bibles this week), former Governor Don Siegelman (who this week told a newspaper that the prosecutors in his fraud case can kiss his ass) and Democratic hopeful and current Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley.

Now, online polls aren't scientific as we all know, but I dare say I may have found that 75% of the Alabama population who is eligible to vote but chooses not to in any given election.

On Friday, I was a guest on Montgomery's top rated talk radio show First Call with Kevin Elkins to discuss my campaign and my vision for Alabama.

Most callers were in agreement with me, others were not, and at the end Republican Dick Brewbaker who is a high ranking member of the Alabama Legislature even took time out of his busy day to call in and try to counter my claims of damage done by drug prohibition.
He said it isn't an issue that strikes close to home nor one that concerns the average Alabamian.

I reminded him that Alabama has around 30,000 prisoners in a prison system built for 12,000, many for non-violent drug offenses, and I would dare say that makes it an issue that strikes close to home.
How could he have forgotten that seeing as how he is on the house judiciary committee and all?
You can listen to that show HERE.
Additionally I sent Rep. Brewbaker an email today explaining what really happened in The Netherlands with regard to the "crackdown on coffee shops."

It has been a very busy and productive week for me and I am sure it will get busier and more productive as time goes on.
If you are happy with my work in the past seven days please consider MAKING A CONTRIBUTION so that I may continue to be a serious monkeywrench in this race.

Yours in Liberty,
Loretta Nall


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