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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hefty, handcuffed prisoner escapes police

By Seth Burkett
DAILY Staff Writer ยท 340-2355

A Decatur police officer swore out a laundry list of warrants on Samuel Evan Greer on Friday night following what began as a routine traffic stop.

The list includes a third-degree theft-of-property warrant for the officer's handcuffs with which Greer was shackled when he escaped from a patrol car and ran into the night.

The officer originally stopped Greer, 30, of Decatur near Billy's Mini Market on Sixth Avenue Southeast to investigate traffic violations, police said.

Upon learning Greer's license was suspended and police held a warrant for his arrest, the officer cuffed Greer and put him into his patrol car's back seat, police said.

While developing his case, which included finding evidence of marijuana and a firearm during a search of the vehicle with another officer, the officer heard Greer screaming from the patrol car, police said.

Greer, sweating heavily and hyperventilating, complained that the cuffs were killing him because of a recent back surgery, the officer said.

Because of Greer's considerable size, the officer decided to relieve the pressure on his back by linking a second set of cuffs belonging to the assisting officer with the cuffs Greer already wore, he said.

The officer complied with Greer's request for fresh air by partially opening the window, then returned to searching the vehicle, police said.

Then someone at the McDonald's across the street shouted, "Your back door is open! I think he is running down Eighth Street!"

The officer turned to find the door wide open and the back seat vacant.

Police alerted several units in the area to look for Greer, but they were unable to find him, police said.

Police said they recovered 0.2 grams of marijuana and a .38 special derringer from Greer's vehicle.

Outstanding warrants against Greer include driving while suspended, speeding, failure to signal intentions, following too closely to another vehicle, second-degree possession of marijuana and carrying a pistol without a permit. A third-degree escape charge is pending, police said.

The assisting officer also intended to swear out a warrant for the theft of his handcuffs, police said.

Will they charge him with two counts of theft since he was wearing two sets of handcuffs? This reminds me of the Chinese sending people a bill for the cost of the bullet used to execute their family members.


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