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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

County Sues State Over Medical-Marijuana ID Law

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego County Board of Supervisors isn't waiting for someone to sue over the board's decision to refuse to follow state medical marijuana laws.

The supervisors voted in closed session Tuesday to file suit first. The lawsuit will challenge the law that requires counties to provide identification cards to medical marijuana users exempting them from criminal prosecution.

Santa Cruz Okays City-run Medical Marijuana Distribution
The NewStandard

Nov 9 - The city council of Santa Cruz, California on Tuesday passed for the second time an ordinance paving the way for the nation’s first-ever government-run medical marijuana distribution program. A portion of the ordinance would hold off enactment until federal courts resolve current cases dealing with the issue.

Under the measure, the Santa Cruz city government will set up an Office of Compassionate Use that will handle procuring and storing marijuana and dispense it to "qualified patients" under California’s nearly ten-year-old Compassionate Use Act. A council-appointed five-person board, made up of at least two approved medical marijuana users or caregivers and two medical professionals, will oversee the office’s actions and report back to the council.


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