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Monday, December 05, 2005

Atheist Activist to Run for Alabama Attorney General

Larry is a friend of mine and we share many of the same ideals and principals. I encourage all of my supporters to support Larry Darby against John Tyson in the June primary. John Tyson, by his own admission, has sent over 25,000 people to prison and wishes to move us from a "nanny-police state" to a "nanny-theraputic state".

Hell, all the kid in this story needed was a washing machine for his granny so he wouldn't have to wear dirty clothes to school and get picked on for being poor.

But Tyson decided psychotropic drugs were in order and now this kid is getting a chemical lobotomy per the prosecutor. I didn't know District Attorneys were also licensed to practice psychiatric medicine!?


Vote Larry Darby for Alabama Attorney General!

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Larry E. Darby, founder of the Atheist Law Center, announced Monday that he will run for state attorney general as a Democrat next year, and his beliefs include decriminalizing marijuana.

Darby is the second Democrat to enter the race for the office now held by Republican Troy King. Mobile District Attorney John Tyson Jr. announced earlier.

Darby, 48, of Montgomery said Alabama’s marijuana laws have helped create criminals out of people who shouldn’t be and have added to Alabama’s prison overcrowding problems. He said marijuana should be treated like alcohol, with use limited to responsible adults. If marijuana were decriminalized, law enforcement resources now devoted to marijuana could be prioritized for crimes causing greater harm to society, such as crimes of violence, property crimes, and corruption by government officials, he said.

Darby is an attorney who specializes in juvenile law. If elected attorney general, he said he would try to focus public attention on breaking the cycle of teenagers having babies and then being trapped in a life of poverty, which is repeated by the next generation.
“I’m not sure the attorney general can solve the problem, but I’m willing to bring the problem to public debate,” Darby said Monday.

Darby has been active as an atheist, first serving as state director for American Atheists and then founding the Atheist Law Center in Montgomery. He served as its president until stepping down recently to purse his race for attorney general, but he still serves as general counsel.

As an atheist leader, Darby helped lead protests against former Chief Justice Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments monument being in the state judicial building, and he opposed a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages in Alabama. Darby said it was writing religious doctrine into the constitution.

The proposed constitutional amendment will be on the ballot June 6, the same day Darby will face Tyson in the Democratic primary. The general election is Nov. 7.

Darby started to run for attorney general in 2002 as a Libertarian, but dropped his campaign after a few weeks.


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