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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Boar hunt sparks media frenzy
North Devon Gazette & Advertiser, UK - Jan 12, 2006

THERE was a media scrum when attempts were made to recapture 40 boar still on the loose near West Anstey last week. Animal activists were blamed for releasing the boar from a farm. ANDY KEEBLE reports on the first boar hunt in England for 300 years - and asks if the animals are likely to survive in the wild.

Fugitive Boar Gets a Taste of Bavarian Hospitality
Deutsche Welle, Germany - Jan 12, 2006

A wild boar that had been fleeing for its life sought sanctuary in a house in Bavaria and caught forty winks on the bed in the guest room. Little did it know, the nap it was about to take would be an eternal one.

Hunters Retrieve Carcass Of Wild Boar from the woods of South Georgia


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