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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Linton employee resigns after testing positive

By Andrea McCann
Linton Daily Citizen, IN

Results of the Linton city employees' drug tests came back Friday with one exception and one positive result.

Mayor Tom Jones said he could not release the name of the individual who tested positive, but “the gentleman has resigned.”

According to Jones, 76 of 79 full- and part-time employees were tested last week. Out of the 75 results returned Friday, only one was positive.

Police Chief Keith McDonald said the police department has been involved assisting with drug testing of other city employees because of complaints that some of them had found ways to manipulate the test.

“We've assisted with that for about a year,” he said. “That part didn't change with this particular drug test.”

He said all police officers were called in, informed what was happening, and instructed to go to the city barn to collect as many employees as possible. He said they transported the majority of the employees to city hall immediately and stayed to take the test themselves. They continued to locate the rest of the city employees and pick them up so no one could stop and get clean urine from someone else.


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