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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Second ex-jailer says he beat inmate

Gallatin News Examiner, TN

A second former jailer in Wilson County has pleaded guilty to beating an inmate — just days before going to trial — and could end up on the witness stand, testifying against other guards involved in the assaults.

Robert Brian Ferrell, 30, admitted that he helped colleagues beat an inmate in 2002, according to court papers filed this week. He was scheduled to go to trial, along with three other former jailers, on Tuesday.

Ferrell is among five former guards at the Wilson County jail who were indicted in July 2004 by federal prosecutors, who say the men waged an 18-month reign of brutality inside the county lockup.

They were charged with conspiring to assault inmates, covering up their deeds with false reports and denying the beaten inmates medical care they required.

In a plea agreement with the government, Ferrell admitted that he beat detainee Dartanian McGee, one of 13 victims identified by prosecutors. Another victim, Walter Kuntz, allegedly was fatally assaulted inside the detention facility by Hale and former shift supervisor Patrick Marlowe.


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