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Friday, February 03, 2006

Cocaine cheaper, easier to get, cops say

Vail Daily News, CO

EAGLE COUNTY - The Eagle County Drug Task Force is seeing a countywide increase in cocaine use, as well as indicators that dangerous methamphetamine labs are making their way towards the valley, said Lt. Mike McWilliam, a detective with the Eagle County Sheriff's department.

McWilliam said that the biggest drug problem Eagle County is facing right now is rising use of cocaine, which comes in two forms: A white crystalline powder that can be snorted through the nose, dissolved in water, or injected; and crack, an off-white chunky material that is usually smoked.

The cost of cocaine per ounce has decreased from $1,200 to $700, McWilliam said.

"Cocaine is getting cheaper everyday. That tells me there is more of it and it is easier to get a hold of," says McWilliam.


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