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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Medical Marijuana User Wants Police To Return Pot, Seeds


GLENDORA, Calif. -- A medical marijuana user whose cultivation charge was dropped said he is having trouble getting the confiscated pot from police.

The cultivation case against Antonio Perry, 33, was thrown out by a Superior Court judge in Pomona after he produced a doctor's note stating his marijuana was for medical use. Perry, who now lives in La Verne, said Glendora police have no right to keep his pot and seeds.

"I spent years trying to cultivate those breeds. The seeds are irreplaceable," Perry said.

The marijuana, growing equipment and rifles were seized by police during a March 2005 raid on his Glendora mobile home.

Lt. Joe Ward said Monday that the Police Department agreed to return growing equipment and rifles, but the marijuana and seeds won't be returned until Perry produces a judge's order to release them.


  • they'll give him back his rifles, but not his pot/seeds... where's the logic in that?

    hope he manages to get it all back though - needing a judge's order just to get it back is pretty retarded though.

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    By Blogger ANGrem, at 2:56 PM  

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