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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Alabama Compassionate Care Act

It looks like the Compassionate Care Act will be coming up in the Alabama House Judiciary Committee on tomorrow Apr. 5, 2006. I will have definite confirmation of that later this evening and will confirm it here on the blog.

Starting tomorrow morning I need each and every one of you residing in Alabama to begin calling your legislator. Emails are good too. Instructions, numbers and talking points are below.

The most important things, are, as you know, to speak from personal experience and to be respectful.

For the phone calls:

Folks should call the House, not the Senate. (334)242-7600 is the general switchboard number.

The basic points people should cover are:

* Calling to urge support of HB 663, Alabama’s Compassionate Care Act.
* This bill will help protect patients and doctors
* marijuana has proven medical uses, as shown by the government’s own studies.
* Alabama residents in pain should not be denied access to an effective medicine that can ease their suffering
* The federal government cannot prevent a state from protecting patients and doctors under state law
* Alabama needs to regulate the use of marijuana for medical purposes so that patients aren’t criminalized, nor are they forced into the illegal market for their medicine.

Please contact me if you have any questions. The number is 1-(877)-528-5647. Your legislators information including email address can be found at this link

If this bill comes up tomorrow and you can be in attendance at the committee meeting please help us have a strong show of support.


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