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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Landmark Ruling In Drug Raid Case

From Live5 News

A landmark decision has been handed down in the class action lawsuit over a drug raid at Stratford High School. A settlement brings about $1.2 million to 120 students.

But this case has a deeper meaning—attorneys say it means students don't shed their constitutional rights by entering a school house door.

The images remain in the minds of many—dogs, guns, and police looking for drugs. The raid garnered national attention. But no drugs were found.

Now three years later, the lawsuit is finally put to rest. The judge ruled that no one can come back individually, obtain council, and sue in the case. We’re told that four people opted out of the settlement, and won’t receive anything.

Also part of the settlement, the Goose Creek police department will have training on drug raids. The school district has to report how such raids are carried out, and the principal is no longer at the school.


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