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Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Mexico "ZERO TOLERANCE" Politician BUSTED!

E. Shirley Baca Posted by Hello
NM “zero-tolerance” politician BUSTED!

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission member E. Shirley Baca is facing criticism after her arrest for marijuana possession.

Baca, 53, a Las Cruces Democrat, was arrested Wednesday morning at Albuquerque International Sunport after baggage screeners found less than an ounce of marijuana inside a pipe concealed in her checked baggage, according to a Metro Court criminal complaint.

Federal TSA screeners said they were examining Baca's luggage around 7 a.m. when a trace detector was alarmed for explosives, according to the complaint.

In June 2003, Baca spoke harshly about substance abuse among PRC employees when chief of staff Patrick Baca was charged with driving drunk.

She said at the time she would consider asking that Patrick Baca be terminated or suspended regardless of the outcome of his case in court.

"Personally," she said at the time, "I think that top-ranking staff need to set an example for the whole department, as well as elected officials."

Here is more from KOBTV New Mexico

Perhaps Ms. Baca should take a page from her own book. However, she is not alone in her hypocrisy. In fact she is the newest addition to a long list of public officials that govern themselves or their children by a different set if rules than they govern us. A few of her esteemed colleagues are

Richard Shelby Posted by Hello

Senator Richard Shelby whose son was busted at Atl. Int. Airport in 1998 smuggling 13.8 grams of hash from London. He was released after paying a $500 fine.

Noelle Bush Posted by Hello

Noelle Bush niece of George Bush busted with crack cocaine, forging prescriptions and stealing drugs from the nurses cart while in rehab….punishment 13 days total in jail.

Dan Burton Posted by Hello

Republican Representative Dan Burton backed the death penalty for drug traffickers, but when his son Dan II was convicted of felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute in 1994, the elder Burton asked the judge for leniency.

Duke Cunningham Posted by Hello

Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham also advocated the death penalty for drug dealers, until his son Randy was convicted of having 400 pounds of pot. He pled for mercy for his son

On another note those airport machines can pick up even the most minute trace of pot. Since I am often around it when I travel abroad my luggage sets off the "sensors" every single time. Let this serve as a heads up for those of you.....


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