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Friday, February 04, 2005

Police raid disabled man's home after mistaking plant pot

POLICE raided a disabled man's home after mistaking an ornamental cherry tree for a cannabis plant.

Hastings Today (UK)

Simon Warner, 56, has been suffering panic attacks ever since Sunday's morning raid, when five officers raided his Upper Maze Hill flat.
Mr Warner said he believed police thought he was running a drugs den after smelling incense sticks and seeing plants in his window.

Mr Warner said: "I do not have anything to do with drugs or people with drugs. I don't even know what a cannabis plant looks like."
"I've got nothing against the police - but they should leave innocent people alone. I have always respected the law. But you can't go round breaking into people's houses.

Mr Warner, a former panel beater at Ponswood Motors, suffered an angina attack and collapsed after the raid and has since made a complaint to the police.
He said: "I can't eat, I can't sleep, I feel sick all the time."
"They picked on the wrong person. One of them said 'oops' when they left - one said 'no hard feelings.'
"They can't walk over innocent people."


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