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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Arkansas cops crash toddler birthday party

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Police on a drug raid burst into an Arkansas home during a toddler's birthday party, startling children who were preparing to eat their cake when the gun-toting officers crashed the party.

Amid wails from children and a few parents - and a phone ringing incessantly with prospective drug-buyers - officers arrested a pregnant woman and accused her of selling marijuana from the house.Shannon Hills Police Chief Richard Friend, who led the raid, found parents about to light candles on a cake adorned with green and white cartoon characters and a big "2" on top.

Police did not know a birthday party was going on when they decided to make the bust.

"The first thing I saw was the birthday table and cake, so I yelled for everyone to put away their guns," Friend said.
"You could see they had a nightmare-come-true. Everyone just froze and looked at me."
"The parents started crying and then the kids started crying."

Elizabeth Leah Sauls, 21, was hosting her niece's second birthday party at the time of Friday evening's raid. Sauls was arrested on drug charges but was released without bail because the jail was full, Friend said.


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