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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Girls Whip Man's Ass

NASHUA - Two 15-year-old girls knocked down a city man and tried to take their money back after he offered to sell them marijuana, but got drunk and groped them instead, police reported.

Police were called out to a disturbance on Beacon Street at about 10:15 p.m. Friday, and they found Drawdy “highly intoxicated” and with his mouth bloodied, officers reported.

The girls told police that one of them had called Drawdy earlier that night. The girl asked him to come to a residence on Beacon Street, where they were socializing with friends, and sell them some marijuana.

Drawdy turned up with some beer, and he stayed and drank beer and tequila, and began to get unruly, the girls told police. The girls told police that one of them gave Drawdy $30, but he never gave them the dope, police reported.

The girls and the homeowner threw Drawdy out of the house after he repeatedly groped one of the girls, they told police, and he allegedly grabbed the other girl on his way out.

The girls followed Drawdy outside, they told police. One of them shoved him repeatedly, and eventually knocked him down, and the other tried to take his wallet to get her money back, but wasn’t able to, the girls and other witnesses told police.


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