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Friday, February 04, 2005

State guarding inmate who may be brain-dead


By Mark Gladstone
Mercury News Sacramento Bureau

SACRAMENTO - California taxpayers are paying more than $1,000 a day in overtime for round-the-clock guarding of an inmate who was shot in the head by a correctional officer Jan. 16. Yet the felon's relatives say they have been told the prisoner is brain-dead.

The mounting cost of guarding incapacitated or comatose inmates was disclosed Sunday in a Mercury News special report. In the latest example, injected into a Capitol hearing Thursday, the tab of having at least one officer watch convicted felon Daniel Provencio 24 hours a day while he is restrained in the intensive-care unit of a Bakersfield hospital has run up to more than $11,000, according to Department of Corrections officials.

``What's the point'' of spending all the money, asked Rosie Dismukes, Provencio's aunt. ``If he's brain-dead, he can't go anywhere. Why does he need to be shackled? He's not going to get up and go anywhere.''


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