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Friday, February 04, 2005

Unusual Meth Lab Bust

KWWL - Iowa

Making meth is a potentially deadly process. And it's happening more and more in cars and trucks. Being mobile can make it hard for police to bust meth makers, but one suspect made it easy.

Kirk Marvel of Waterloo didn't quite make it home to his apartment. Deputies say he fell asleep at a stoplight, with a meth lab cooking in his car. Now he has a new temporary home, in the county jail, across the street.

The sheriff says Kirk Marvel fell asleep behind the wheel, and deputies woke him. Sheriff Mike Kubik says, " and that's when they could smell an odor of ether, and that gets your attention right away."

Authorities arrested Marvel, charging him with possession of marijuana and making meth. How Marvel fell asleep at the red light is still in question. Kubik says, "he could have been tired, he could have been using something, or the fumes, if the officers could smell it coming through the vehicle, you can imagine what it's like inside to be sitting in there with it."


  • They're all lucky they aren't dead; diethyl ether is highly volatile (that's why they could smell it) and is exceptionally flammible (it's the primary component of the cans of engine starting fluid you see in auto supply stores). If the police could smell it that much, there may have been enough in the atmosphere of the cabin of the car to initiate a fuel/air explosion. Any sparks from any source, such as turning the ignition key, the high tension lines of your spark plug wires, or a backfiring engine, and it could become "Shake hands with Jesus" time. Those who make it this way really are threatening those around them. Tweaker idjits.

    By Blogger kaptinemo, at 9:06 AM  

  • Tweakers suck... except when they're cleaning your house.

    By Blogger "Radical" Russ, at 1:29 PM  

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